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Joanna Finger, M.Ed. 

My love for learning started when I was an elementary school student and has only deepened since then. I have dedicated my career to helping children develop their own love for learning with the intention that passion for knowledge will carry them through high school, college and beyond.

After completing my Master's in Education with a focus on curriculum and instruction, I spent 10 years at EDUPRIZE SCHOOLS as both an elementary and middle school teacher. I left with the intention of exploring new ways to impact education and found what I really love... working with students one on one.

My priority is making learning fun! It is exciting to design specialized curriculum based on the unique needs of each child, and even more exciting to witness their curiosities pique as their confidence builds! My individualized plans ensure each child's specific needs are met and are provided in a format that best accommodates each student's particular learning style. Their success is truly my greatest reward.

If you think I may be the right fit for your Kindergarten to 8th grade learner, please email me at:


"Joanna has been a game changer for us. Our son was struggling a bit across the board with academics when we found Joanna. She has helped tremendously in completely turning around his approach, and more importantly his results. She is dependable, convenient, and connects with our son with her sweet, and caring approach. That opens the door to academic tutoring skills that she is able to expertly deliver. Joanna helps with all subjects in a way that is specific to our son's current curriculum, helping him stay organized and on track with homework, and preparing him for upcoming exams and quizzes. Additionally, her parent communication is excellent, creating a natural partnership to help manage accountability. The results have been fantastic. We can't praise her enough. Joanna successfully guided my son through the whole process of applying to Brophy. She is a wonderful person, and her services are an incredibly effective investment in the academic success of your child."  - Delcia B., Parent

"We were referred to Joanna from a friend because our son needed a little help with seventh-grade math. We were planning to only work with her for just a couple of sessions, however, she made a connection with our son right away so we decided to continue. She started working with our son with his math but has also helped him with other subjects when needed. Joanna has had an incredible impact on our son's academic success and his ability to take on new challenges in school. She creates an environment that encourages her students to challenge themselves and she celebrates their successes. Our son has been working with Joanna for over two years now. She has become a very close family friend and we are very lucky to have found such an intelligent, attentive and dedicated tutor and family friend."     - Laurie K., Parent

"Joanna has been tutoring my son for 3 years and we love her. She has been instrumental in his improvement in math/algebra. She has also helped him learn how to study in math and other subjects such as science and social studies. Joanna is patient, kind and delightful to work with. My son would not have received the good grades he has now without her help. She is simply the best tutor we have ever had."   - Margaret H., Parent

"I would highly recommend Joanna as a math tutor. We came to Joanna in the 3rd quarter of 7th grade as our son was struggling with math. BEST DECISION we ever made. Wish we would have done it sooner! His math grade has already improved in such a short time. Joanna is professional, courteous and approachable with both the child and parent(s). She answers questions in a very positive manner and encourages your child. My son Jake became more comfortable with math and has not been afraid to tackle higher math areas with confidence. Joanna is a gem! I can't thank her enough!  - Carmen. J., Parent

"Joanna Finger has tutored our son for over 3 years. My son has had challenges with focusing and organization. When Joanna began working with my son we noticed she was able to engage him and help him be more successful at studying for longer periods of time. Joanna is a very caring a dynamic person who is very motivating to him. She is always very positive, enthusiastic, and helpful. She has a real connection with children and is dedicated to helping him succeed. He has more confidence in his school work. Joanna's positivity has a calming effect when schoolwork is stressful. My family adores her and we would highly recommend her."   - Susan B., Parent

I would highly recommend Joanna Finger. Joanna has taught my daughter better study habits. She has prepared her for science tests, reviewed math assignments, and written English essays. She has given my daughter more self-confidence and has inspired her to try harder in school. Joanna is passionate about her job, and it shows. My daughter and I are very happy we found her. - Kris P., Parent 

"Joanna is an incredible teacher and human. She makes lasting relationships with her students and the families she serves."    - Dr. Lynn R., Superintendent of EDUPRIZE SCHOOLS

"As an educator, Joanna connects with her students and brings excitement to the student. She is able to identify what the students are missing and design her curriculum and lessons accordingly. She is energetic and passionate about education."    - Joyce F., Retired Principal of EDUPRIZE SCHOOLS

"As a teacher, Joanna has always impressed me with her resourcefulness and creativity to cater to each individual student. She is able to connect with students and parents quickly and continue to build strong relationships due to her kindness and loyalty.    - Jamie, B., Former colleague 

"Joanna Harrison is an amazing educator! Children are lucky to have her. She is talented, creative and makes learning fun! Students are engaged and active at all times. She knows her core curriculum and is able to take students to the next level. I highly recommend Joanna!"  - Leona M. Assistant Clinical Professor NAU@CGCC and MCC


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